Prince of Mirkwood (legolas79) wrote in worldidol,
Prince of Mirkwood

Singapore Idol - Taufik Batisah

Was blog-hopping and bumped into this site. *Wave to everyone*

Well, here's my mandatory introduction:

name: Raz (or Russ as most LJ community call me)
age: 25
country: Singapore
fave idol: La Toya London, Taufik Batisah, Christopher Lee
fave music: R&B, Rock & Roll
describe yourself in 5 words: Totally Taufik-ed to the core (yay! 5 words)

Just thought you guys want to check this fansite out. It is for our newly crowned Singapore Idol -

Okay, essentially it is just a domain redirected to my Blogger, but it serves its purpose. Plus, the concept of the site is a blog network - a few blogs linked together dedicated to different areas but for one idol.

Feedback appreciated, thanks lots! :)
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