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What a Blessing!

What a Blessing!

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah's debut album will hit the market tomorrow
By Razlan, /

Taufik's new album, titled "Blessings", will be on shelves at music stores islandwide tomorrow. His strong will and tireless effort to produce the album despite his National Service commitment and various media appearances had not been in vain - pre-sales figure for Taufik's album has hit more than 10,000 copies, a big feat in local music industry.

News had it that Hype Records and Sony-BMG, his management and record label, are aiming for platinum record. Responding to the good news in awe, Taufik was speechless for a moment before muttering a happy "Wow!"

"Blessings" is reputedly the first local English album to achieve gold record for the past 10 years.

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