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Welcome to the first World Idol LJ community. World Idol will see the winner's of IDOL from across the world compete against each other to take out the prestigious title of World Idol. The competitors are:

Guy Sebastian Australia - Peter Evrard Belgium - Alexander Klaws Germany - Jamai Loman Netherlands - Kurt Nilsen Norway - Diana Karazan Pan Arabic - Alex Janosz Poland - Heinz Winckler South Africa - Will Young England - Kelly Clarkson America - Ryan Malcom Canada

It kicks off in a couple of weeks and is highly anticipated so if your a fan of American Idol, Australian Idol, Pop Idol -- or your countries respective IDOL competition -- then feel free to join this community.

There aren't too many rules, just don't be blatently rude to anyone [community members or idol competitors]. No racism will be tolerated. Voicing your opinion is fine but try to make it so it won't offend a whole bunch of people. Feel free to post anything :: images, articles, opinions, rants, polls, web site links, show reviews, quotes, icons, fan fic.

When you join please put this survey in your introductory post so the members can get to know each other a little.

fave idol
fave music
describe yourself in 5 words

[!!!!] My name is Kate and i'm the moderator of this community. I also moderate the Rob Mills Community and the Aussie Queer Eye Community. Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have. If you want to know more about me then feel free to check out my journal.